Earn Money Online from Home

Earn Money Online from Home – Let’s see the list of ways for how earn money via online from home without any investments. Nowadays most of college students and working professionals are looking for online jobs. Because everyone has all features like Smart phone, Laptop & high level internet connection.

Free sources also available to learn any technologies via YouTube platform. Already so many creators earn more money via simple works. Therefore other peoples are try to making dollars money without any physical work.

Once upon a time educated persons are only use online platform. But now everybody has awareness via YouTube platform. So both category peoples are compete and the winner is Uneducated persons. Yes true because most of peoples are expect funny contents and it’s received from those peoples.

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Earn Money Online

Most of bloggers are as a name shake purpose just share some information. But here I provide legit and trusted sites. There are lot of ways are available but some sites little bit complicated for beginners. I mean we need some technical knowledge for handle the sites. That type of websites perfectly matching for technical persons who have knowledge on software.

  1. PTC Sites
  2. Google AdSense
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Product or Service Promotion

That’s it. Hereafter I will give clear explanation about above mentioned titles. Totally in the four modules I have explain all the earn money online methods from internet. This is the primary heading & believe my content for generate dollars money.

1. PTC Sites

PTC (Paid To Click) Sites provide very easiest works. For example clicking ads, watch videos, online survey, playing games etc. This work done by everyone. A lot of PTC sites are available on internet. Maximum of site is scam so don’t waste your valuable time those type of sites.

earn money online

Neobux is one f the best PTC Sites for earn money online form home. They are provide lot of features when compared to other services.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Unlimited Works
  3. Minimum Threshold is just $5
  4. Weekly Payments
  5. Referral Earnings


  1. Need to invest more time
  2. Less Income

2. Google AdSense

Google Adsense is the number one online platform for generate dollars and earn money online without manual works. To get the approval we need one blog or YouTube channel. Then only we able to making money from home. Already so many traffic in YouTube because everyone starting YouTube channel.

earn money online from home

But here I recommend blog creation. Through the blog you can share your contents across this world. Initially we spend Ra.1000 for buying the hosting plans.


  1. High Income
  2. Clear UI
  3. Easy to understand
  4. Variety of Features
  5. Automatically ads are optimized


  1. Technical Knowledge Required
  2. Need to Pay Rs.600
  3. Approval Process is so long

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