PHP Projects with Source Code – PHP is the one of the Best Popular programming language. Because widely most of developers are suggest and use PHP Program to develop web application. For example WordPress company using PHP for develop their Frameworks.

Maximum of college students are mostly using PHP Projects with Source Code keyword. That’s why here separately I list out all project categories.

PHP Projects with Source Code

Currently millions of developers and college students are choosing PHP for career development. So here I plan to list out major PHP projects with free Source Code. Because it’s helpful for lot of college final year students. So we hope sure this PHP projects with source code helps to download entire code.

php projects with source code

Library Management System ↗

Library System Projects helps to manage both of students & Admin who manage entire library.

Online Examination System ↗

Examination projects used for conduct online exams, manage overall students marks, ranks etc.

Online Shopping Project ↗

It’s E-commerce based shopping project which is used for sell products like Mobile phones, gadgets and more.

Movie Ticket Booking ↗

Ticket booking project helps to book our tickets on favorite place and also able to getting cashback offers.

GST Billing Software ↗

GST billing software provide complete billing system for both of vendors and manufacturer who build the business.

Bank Management System ↗

Bank Management software provide us maximum of online services like Money withdraw, transfer and more.

School Management System ↗

School Management project helps to manage all basic information such as attendance, marks, certificate etc..

Attendance Management ↗

Through the attendance system we easily maintain students records like get the full report for absence and presence.

Online Matrimony ↗

Matrimony project widely used for helps to find better groom and bride who are looking for marriage function.

Supermarket Management ↗

Supermarket project helps to manage entire shop including products stocks, profit and sales reports etc.

Online Bus Ticket Booking ↗

Bus Ticket Booking project simplify our works and also helps to book our favorite seats and getting offers.

Employee Management ↗

This project usd for manage employee attendance, income, expenses, sales report and more things.

CRM System Project ↗

CRM Projects used for collect information from customer end such as feedback, suggestions and more.

E-Commerce Website ↗

It’s similar of online shopping store system and through this peoples are able to bu their product via online

Hospital Management ↗

Hospital project generally used for track doctor, patient, nurse status and also able to check about patient condition.