School Management System PHP

School Management System PHP helps to manage entire students. Most of every schools are currently using management software for maintain the all details. Through this software we able to maintain lot of details such as students attendance, marks, personal information, address, extra activities etc.

This is the major reason for everyone like online software to maintain their all important information. This project very easy because school management covers only marks and attendance. After that regularly every year we should follow the same regulations.

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If we have large server then backup the every year data including students certification. Some students are left the studies during the period so we need to store certificate from particular places. After going few days may be they are comes for receive the certification. Therefore online service is much helpful for most of schools.

Project NameSchool Management
Developer NameVetri
Front-EndHTML, CSS, JS
EditorSublime Text
FeaturesAadhaar Attendance
Any Doubts[email protected]

School Management System PHP

Every staffs are check their timetable on online portal. Separate username and passwords are provided by admin who manage the entire schools. So the faculties are check time table, exam and attendance details.


  1. Easily maintain attendance
  2. Students Marks Maintenance
  3. Store Certification Soft copy
  4. Share the announcement
  5. Alumini
  6. Course details
  7. Jobs
  8. Seminars.


Check below image for analyze the project output. Installation time is taking more for you so her in my end I will give best solution for this problem. Admin panel is a important for manage our accounts from anywhere on mobile.

school management system using php
school management system php
school management system project php

School Management System PHP Source Code

Click below button to get full source code of online school management system PHP. If you know CRUD then easily do more things on this project. MySQL database used for this project to access data from server side. So once try this project on your system and we have collection of PHP Projects with free source code.

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