Online Examination System Project PHP

Online Examination System Project PHP – In this tutorial let’s see how create online exam project using PHP and MySQL database. These days most of colleges are conduct online exams because in the COVID time government make rule for conducting online classes. Before that also most of colleges are using online pattern. But after the COVID everyone migrate into online exam.

Because that is very easy when compare offline exams. That’s why now most of college faculties are recommend to use online exams. It’s like similar of online Quiz because both are same concept. However later that you can able to change the designs.


In this project lot of features are available for college students and faculties. Further steps are explained in below part to explain online examination system project PHP, MySQL.

  1. User Friendly Navigation
  2. Easy to Read & Write
  3. Backup Option
  4. Time Saving
  5. Easily make the Corrections

and more features are available in online examination system project PHP & MySQL. Therefore in below we have add more details for understand and develop the project.

Project Details

First read the project requirements after that move next section for develop this project in your own system.

Project NameOnline Exam PHP
Developer NameMayuri
Front-EndHTML, CSS & JS
Project CategorySmall web application
BenefitsDigital Manner
Face any Issues ?admin@dnanthinibbagmail-com

How Run Project

I hope already you know this how execute PHP projects. Install XAMPP server on your and then place your project folder on xampp/htdocs/your_projects.

  1. Extract the Project
  2. Paste from xampp/htdocs
  3. Import Database
  4. Open browser and open the particular project.

How it’s Working

The initial step is students login the page through their username and password. For every students already have login credentials which is provided by management teams. So after login the page, list of questions are showing on student page.

The questions patters are choose the right answer and short notes about particular topic. This id formal sand for more get the full source code of online examination system project PHP and MySQL.

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Live Demo

Here I have include the online examination system project PHP live demo screenshot which is helps to understand overall projects. SO check and have any doubt just contact me for more techniques.

online examination system project php
online examination project using php mysql
online exmination project php

Online Examination Project using PHP

Below code helps to develop perfect online exam project using PHP and MySQL. This project still used by lot of college students. Because it’s very popular and we build more features. It’s perfect for minor level projects. Click below to get online examination system project using PHP.

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