Employee Management System Project PHP

Employee management system project PHP MySQL helps to manage employee full details. The further details are explained in the upcoming sections. When introduce employee management system, company owners are easily access all information. Through this all works was simplified like employee attendance, salary, PF details, sick leave and more reasons.

After introduce this system most of companies are following digital way to enroll the employees. Moreover this concept solve maximum of solutions.

It’s like payroll based employee management system project PHP concepts. Generally used for track the all employee information. It simplify company admin works and manage all data from company server. Totally there two modules are executed on this project.

  1. Employee
  2. Admin


  1. Employee Login
    • Separate login details are provided by company admin who give permission for accessing complete site.
  2. Employee Dashboard
    • Thorough this feature employee able to see full information like their salary details, leave forms, deductions etc.
  3. Employee Leave Form
    • The leave form given by every employee dashboard and all of leave details are clearly explained in the particular form.
  4. Employee Income
    • The income details are printed on employee dashboard and deductions also listed on employee form.

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  1. Admin Login
  2. Leave Approve/Cancel
  3. Income Details
  4. Admin Dashboard
  5. Overall Reports
  6. Leave Management
Project NameEmployee Management
Developer NameAshish Shetty
Front-EndHTML, CSS JavaScript
EditorSublime Text
FeaturesReport Generation
Email[email protected]

Employee Management System Project PHP

Current century every small to large companies are maintain digital files and data for analyze the particular information. The main reason is we can access those features in any places. So company owners are like to enroll this software.


  1. Separate login for employees/HR/Team Lead/Manager
  2. Leave Form
  3. Track Deduction information
  4. Monthly/Daily Report Generation
  5. Sale & Invoice Report

Import MySQL Database

I hope already you know the steps for how import MySQL file on your local phpmyadmin server database. For that first you have to download the XAMPP server to your system. After that start to import database on the project.

Output File

Once check out the employee management system project PHP output files and it’s features. After that you can easily able to understand all of modules and it’s about further details. Suppose this project does not meet your requirement then customize this code on your own design. Because when you do this, you can learn more things about coding concepts.

employee management system project php
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Source Code

In below we have add the full source code of employee management system project PHP. It’s surely helps to build user friendly navigation on your device. However it’s perfect match for college students who are looking for final year projects.

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