How Create Blog WordPress – I explain how to create new Blog or Website using WordPress. Nowadays WordPress widely used by most of developers and students. Because it’s very easy to use and no coding skills required for developing websites or blog.

Without any technical skills we easily build our blog within a hours. That’s the main reason for still WordPress in first place and overtake Google Bloggers service. Google also provide blogging service for create new blog & website without any coding.

how create blog wordpress

However the Winner is WordPress.

Can I Make Money via Blog ?

Yes you can earn money via creating blog. Because most of freelancers are making lot of dollars money through the blog. But for that we need some knowledge in computer. If it’s no for you ? Don’t worry after working few days you can easily learn the further steps.

Beginning is always hardest part in life. But after that first step it’s much easier than previous steps. Finally another step is very much more easier than last steps. Foe example in the beginning blogging also hard that’s why now you are searching like how create blog WordPress.

Take any unique topics for your blog. Then everyday regularly post 4 to 5 articles wihout copying other websites contents. When you copy others content, your blog SEO ranking is decreasing and the particular post not listed on search engine. So avoid copy paste content, write your own content and that’s give high performance score.

How Create Blog WordPress

Okay let’s see how create blog WordPress for beginners. Just follow my below steps to easily create blog or website using WordPress. In below I have explain how create blog WordPress, after that you are expert in blog creation.

  1. Buy Domain & hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Choose Your Favorite Topic (For example Program, Entertainment, Cooking, Cinema etc)
  4. Everyday upload 5 articles.
  5. After publishing 100 articles apply Google AdSense
  6. Then starts to earn money via your Blog.

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1. Buy Domain & Hosting

The initial step is buy domain and hosting for your blog. WordPress provide free website but through the free site we can’t able to make more money. So I always suggest premium domain for create blogs. A lot of domain and hosting providers are available in the market & every company differs based on quality, price, offers, performance etc.

Still some peoples are search like how create Blog WordPress that’s why here I publish this article to deliver the good instructions.

You can buy domain anywhere that’s no problem. Anywhere means buy domain from any company like Hostgator, Godaddy, Hostinger, Domain Racer, Bluehost and more.

create blog hostinger
Source – hostinger

But Hosting is very important for our blog because which is helps to optimize our performance, website speed, SEO ranking and more difficult things.

I recommend Hostinger. The reason is,

  1. Best Price
  2. Fastest Performance
  3. Free SSL & Domain for One year plan
  4. Easy to use (User Friendly Navigation)
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth

After completing the steps your blog will be visible online.

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2. Install WordPress

If you are using Hostinger then WordPress automatically installed on your blog. Otherwise manually you have install the WordPress. Actually that’s very easy so don’t worry about the steps. Open Source Videos are available on YouTube platform. So once watch video and then follow the steps for installing WordPress on your blog. Still a number of peoples are search in YouTube like how create Blog WordPress.

install wordpress create blog
Source : WordPress
  1. Go to on the panel & Search WordPress then it will be showing on software list
  2. Then follow the on step procedure to install the WordPress
  3. After that finally select one theme & submit.
  4. Now your WordPress Site will be successfully created.

3. Select Topic

After creating the WordPress website select anyone of topic which is uploaded by your blog. For example software program, cinema oriented contents, lyrics, entertainment contents, government job updates, exam tips and more topics are available.

Therefore choose one or two topic and then regularly update your blog.

4. Apply Google AdSense

Always write own content and never copy any words from other websites. Because when you do this, it raising copyright problem.

Actually Google AdSense approval is not a easy process and we need to follow some steps to get the approval mail from Google.

  1. Write Unique Contents
  2. Minimum upload 20 articles, after that apply Google AdSense.
  3. Create Privacy Policy, About, Contact and disclaimer page.

When you have follow above three steps then Google will accept your request and then you can able to make money online from home.

Finally I hope now you get some idea for how create blog WordPress.