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Increase SEO Traffic WordPress – Here I explain how increase the SEO Traffic in WordPress Website/Blog. Everyone have this question who are maintain own blog. Actually SEO is not a easy process for everyone. We need to learn more things on SEO, after that only get some idea and increase the performance. Otherwise our SEO score always will be Zero.

Most of plugins are simplify our works like Sitemap submission, Analytics, Instant Indexing, Keyword Tracking and more. For example Rank Math and Yoast plugin best for SEO in WordPress framework. I have experience in both plugin and when compare the features everyone provide same. So not able to told the winners. Some students are buying WordPress hosting plan but that’s not recommended by lot of developers.

Alternatively buy cloud plan and it’s helps to increase SEO Traffic WordPress site.

First analyze and read about the Rank Math SEO & Yoast official documentation. Because then only you get clear idea for how setup and how write articles via the plugin. A lot of tutorial videos are available on YouTube, through that first learn the setup steps.

Which is Better ? Yoast or Rank Math ?

The question like which eye is important for you. So the choice is yours, both plugin are best on industry. I have main four client website in WordPress. I use Yoast for Two website and another two is Rank math. And the SEO results, performance are same.

So for the demo first install both plugin on your device and work with on your site. After that you able to decide which is perfect for us based on user friendly, easy navigation, user interface etc.

Plugins are helps to Increase SEO traffic WordPress on our site.

Increase SEO Traffic WordPress Steps

Nowadays most of peoples are like to make blog because it’s good choice for generate passive income from home. So the competitions are increased, for that we need to give quality contents for our blog readers.

  1. Best Hosting Plan
  2. Submit Sitemap on Google Search Console (increase SEO Traffic WordPress)
  3. Increase Website Performance
  4. Write User Friendly Unique Articles

When you have follow above steps, then you are the master of WordPress SEO domain. The third steps are very important for increase the SEO score. In the upcoming section let’s discuss how increase the website speed.

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Most of experienced developers are initially facing those issues. After that getting clear idea for increase SEO traffic WordPress performance on your own site.

Suppose you have any tips for increase SEO traffic WordPress for website activities just let us know we will update those things on

1. Best Hosting Plan – Increase SEO Traffic WordPress

Hosting plan is most important facts for SEO. Because it’s decide overall site performance and features of configurations. Some hosting providers are giving very cheapest rate. but that’s not worth for money so always choose reputed companies.

Personally I suggest Hostgator and Hostinger because both are provide lot of features. Like live support, performance, more data centers, cost, optimization and more. Suppose our site is down and not able to recover on your end ? don’t worry just contact hosting providers via live and they are helps to initiate the domain.

I face this issues in the beginning time and now I did not face this problem. However am always touch in live chat to clarify my doubts. So you can also clear your doubts from your hosting providers. They are immediately respond our questions and give valid answers.

Cloud Hosting Plan

Cloud hosting is better plan for maintain WordPress blog. If you are in starting level then go for multi domain hosting, otherwise just migrate from shared hosting into cloud. Because cloud handle lot of traffic and helps to optimize the contents. But the shared hosting server not able to handle more traffic on your site. So there is a chance for down your server when traffic peak on your website.

increase seo trafficwordpress

In the cloud hosting plan we can able to utilize the high performance CPU and RAM. It’s mainly used for increase the site loading speed and helps to improve the SEO score.


  1. 4X More Speed
  2. 99.9 service
  3. Scalability
  4. Dedicated Server
  5. Local & Server Caching

2. Submit Sitemap on Google Search Console

The initial step is verify your website into Google Search Console manager. After the verification, your website sitemap is automatically fetched and submitted. Alternatively you can also manually setup the sitemap list.

Then google starts to crawling and indexing our site. Just wait 10 days for list out your website on search engine. So keep maintain patience for blogging otherwise you can;t able to survive on internet. Always watching google search console page because sometime our post not indexing on google. For that manually we need to fix the problem via inspection tool.

google search console

For three days once google indexing our site and show the status on coverage section. If your any post marked on Coverage issues, don’t worry just modify or re-write your contents for the next updates. Behind the reason is Google give most priority for unique and well SEO optimized contents.

3. Increase SEO Traffic WordPress Performance

Check your site performance on GTmetrix which is provide website ranking and reveal the issues. After checking a result your grade told the site level. A grade is best for Good SEO, anyhow B also better choice.

Number of plugins available on WordPress market. Most of peoples are using a lot of plugins, it’s main reason for affecting the SEO. But it occupy more space from us. As a result site loading speed increased and it’s also affect SEO.

I have just 6 active plugin for my website. Moreover it’s helps to increase my website speed and also get higher ranking on Google page speed.

4. Write User Friendly Articles (Increase SEO Traffic WordPress)

In every articles you have to add minimum three to five images. Because image is one of the major part in SEO. So did not forget to post images on your server. The nest step add two or more internal links and one external links like Facebook, Instagram.

Write minimum 600 plus words for each articles.. It’s helps to beat our competitors, when right more words then possible to earn more money.

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I hope above steps are helps to increase SEO traffic WordPress. Firstly little bit complicate to understand the queries. After that you getting clear idea for how increase site performance in WordPress.

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