Kaizen Malar

Kaizen Malar is an YouTube creator who have one million subscribers. Her channel objective is how speak English Fluently in Tamil. So it’s very useful for Tamil college students who are struggle to learn English language without any interruption. Her every videos are very useful and easy to understandable.

Through her videos most peoples are getting jobs without any issues. We need those type of creator who help us others to get job. But nowadays most of YouTube creators waste our time. I appreciate Kaizen Malar continue efforts for shape the students future career.

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Kaizen Malar Bio Data

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Full NameMalar
EducationMA (English)
Native PlaceNungabakkam
Living PlaceChennai
Marital StatusMarried
Children’sNot Yet Updated
Channel NameKaizen Malar
LanguagesTamil & English

Social Media Profile

  1. Instagram Page
  2. YouTube Channel


Malar YouTube Income is Rs.2 Lakhs per month.


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