Library Management System Python

Library Management System Python Project helps to build manage overall books in library. Current days most of colleges and organizations are using online library management project concept. Because through this concept we easily maintain all products and students who bought books. Before that everyone manage books on manual way like paper system.

Now everything was changed and we are also migrate into digital way. Not only this project, most of concepts are upgraded into online mode like medical store, college admission management, students activity and more system.

There are two concept are available in library projects.

  1. Digital Library (Which is for Students)
  2. Normal Library Management (Which is for admin who manage the library)

Digital Library

Digital Library provide the soft copy for all the books. The main advantage is we can access any books on anywhere without going library. Some reputed colleges are provide digital library concepts for example Sri Sankara Bhagavathi Arts & Science College, Kommadikottai which is one of the best college in Thoothukudi district.


  1. Soft Copy
  2. Access anywhere & anytime
  3. Unlimited access rights
  4. Time Saving
  5. Download books in PDF Format

So it’s perfect for college students only.

Library Management System Python

This is another one category for admin who manage entire offline library and students. Through this software, admins are easily manage all the books records. The main features does not miss any single books because everything added on database.


  1. Add Books
  2. Delete Books
  3. Issues Books
  4. Return Books
Project TitleLibrary Management System
Developer NameVetrivel Pandian
DatabaseMySQL & SQLite
Unique FeatureDownload Soft Copy
Any Doubts ?[email protected]

Library Management System Python Demo

Okay let’s check the live demo and share your opinion. We hope it’s really helps to build your project via our source code. Actually library project is very simple concept and just CRUD operation enough for complete this project. Design is more important for this project because students are expects user friendly navigation.

library management system python
library management system project using python
library management system python login


Just use two below commands for complete the installation steps.

pip install python-tk
pip install pillow

Steps to Run the Project

  1. First run the .py file.
  2. The username is Prakarsha & Password is root

Source Code

In below we give the full source code of library management system Python project. When you have follow above steps, then easily executed on your system.

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