Medical Shop Management System Project in Python

Medical Shop Management System Project in Python used for mange the all pharmacy items. Through the online website we easily manage all the products and able to tally the amounts. Nowadays most of peoples are buy products via online and some medicals are provide free delivery features.

Most of owners not there is medical shops. So they are remotely accessing staff members and manage all the products. Through the digital system easily manage all the records including payment section, online orders, product stocks and more.

It’s like under of online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Myntra etc. Once we place the order then they are automatically deliver the products via vendors. Medical Shop Management System Project in Python requested by college students that’s why here it’s published.

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Project NameMedical Shop Management
Developer NameVetr
Unique FeatureTrace Delivery Partner Loc
Any Doubts ?[email protected]


More features are available in this project. So here in below we discuss about it with detailed explanation. This project developed on Core Python because it’s not a big concept. If you have good knowledge in frameworks like Django, Flask then create project on those frameworks.

  1. Online Orders
  2. Staff Management
  3. Remote Access
  4. Product Stock
  5. Profit Report
  6. Low Stock Notification
  7. Online Payments/COD
  8. Admin Management


In below we have add the list of project output files. So don’t need to execute on your device for execute the project. Alternatively you can check our project screenshots. Here we are using Tkinter GUI toolkit for creating user interface.

medical shop management system project in python
medical shop management project python
medical management system python

Medical Shop Management System Project in Python

Above GUI is very neat and most of peoples are looking for those outputs. Because uneducated persons are easily perform this type of software tool. So user interface is much more important concept for public sectors.

Source code

Click below button to download the entire code and it’s perfect for develop medical shop management system project in Python. Pharmacy mostly not delivered by business peoples because still most of business peoples are think lot to occupy the business.

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