Online Voting System Python

Online Voting System Python project helps peoples to vote on digital way and easily publish the results without any corruptions. In future may be everyone follow this method for stop the duplicate votes. Current days still most of peoples are following illegal procedures.

If our government introduce online voting system then it helpful for most of citizens. Already most of things are converted into digital manner so we are expect online voting system python concepts in future reference.

One time only we able to voting on the software. When exceed the limits, it’s showing the warning message for already you’re voted.

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Project NameOnline Voting System
Developer NameVetrivel Pandian
FeaturesLive Results
Any Doubts ?[email protected]
DatabaseMySQL & Firebase

How it’s working ?

The initial step is our government give separate login credentials for all citizens. Username is Aadhaar Number and password set by via the official sites. We have to generate password through the government website,. Already you know Aadhaar number is unique for everyone, so we easily generate username password credentials.


  1. Aadhaar Number Access
  2. User friendly Navigation
  3. Get Full Details via Aadhaar
  4. Winners List
  5. Election Party Results

Check Results

After end the online election system, government admin are check the voting status. Every parties are voting counts are displayed on the particular page. Manually we check the winners based on who get more votes.

Online Voting System Python Screenshots

We have add the output files for online voting system python project code. So once check our project screenshot and it’s okay for you then download the source code. This project has unique and lot of features are there, so surely it’s helps to learn the software.

online voting system python project
online voting system python
online voting system using python


Click below button to get the full source code and above screenshot helps to analyze about the project structure. I did not use Django framework because this is very simple concept so we don’t need help of frameworks. For the large scalability projects only perfect solution to the Django code. Otherwise Core python & MySQL database correct choice for voting system.

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