Personal Profile Website using HTML CSS

In this article I explained how to create a personal profile website using HTML CSS. Actually it’s very important because nowadays everything is available in digital manner. So when you are create and deploy the personal profile on internet. Then surely it’s helps to get a Software job and interviewer also impressed when you post your skills on live URL.

No resume need when you are move on with Live URL. Behind the reason is, opposite party also like to see the results on soft copy manner not a hard copy results. So I hope this code really helps to boost your online presence to get IT jobs.

Personal Profile Website Page Names

Here I create totally 6 pages and each pages are single page application based action. It’s the correct one when compared to normal website. Because it’s very fast and easy to access within a seconds in both of mobile and laptop.

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Skills
  4. Education
  5. Experience
  6. Contact

Back-end ?

There is no back-end code used for project such as PHP, Java, Python, .Net. We are using only HTML and CSS languages for design the pages. Moreover Bootstrap framework also used in some of places to get quality of layouts.

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Video Live Demo – Create Personal Profile Website using HTML CSS

For your reference purpose, here I have adding some sample screenshots. After that you get some idea like how it’s appeared on the pages. Moreover video copy also available on YouTube, end of the paragraph, we have add the particular link for more clearance from your end.

Source Code

The source code is not for free, you have to pay Rs.500 to get the complete code. For more information, you can contact me via this link.

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