Quiz Management System Project PHP

Quiz Management System Project PHP & MySQL helps to build the awesome online exam pattern system. Already we have develop this project in flutter framework. And now developed in web application concept via PHP and MySQL.

You can see lot of articles which is related to Quiz project using PHP. But no on give the perfect output with live demo features. So here we are decided to deliver exact output of online examination (quiz) pattern system using PHP.

Here we are using MySQL database for store the records. Suppose if you have good knowledge in Firebase then go for Google Firebase. Because Firebase has lot of features and easily manage the entire quiz system via the Google dashboard.


For the every project we need some features then only we able to attract the end users. Otherwise they are move on other projects.

  1. User Friendly Navigation
  2. Time Based System
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Material Design
  5. Category Based questions are displayed
  6. Rating based results
  7. Clean UI
  8. Pagination

In this example we also covered the pagination concept. It’s very useful when you are plan to upload more questions. Some developers are recommend infinity scrolling concept for without going on next page. But that’s not a good habit, so here we are implement simple & perfect PHP pagination.

Quiz Management System Project PHP

Okay let’s see the requirements & project details. After that you can easily understand the project structure as well as benefits. End of the article we will give the quiz management system project PHP & MySQL.

Project NameQuiz System
Developer NameRohith Singirikonda
Front-EndHTML, CSS, JS
EditorSublime Text

Quiz Management System Project PHP Output File

After check the project output screenshot you get clear idea like how it’s executed. Therefore here we are give the project output for every articles. It’s helps to save the users time and efforts.

quiz management system project php
quiz project php mysql
quiz project using php mysql

Source Code

Click below button to download the entire source code of PHP Quiz management system project. Moreover you can able to see more screenshots with exact output file. Similarly you can customize the designs as per your own wish. Timer functionality also working fine without any issues.

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