School Management Software Python

School Management Software Python project helps to build perfect management application. These days most of schools are manage their entire information via online software. Because when we maintain online software everything is working fine and easily able to check the results.

Once upon a time no one likes computer software but now everyone like to working with system. he main reason is it’s simplify our works and helps to save our information.

Project Details

First check out the school management software python project details after that you get clear idea like which technologies are used in this projects. Mostly it’s very helpful for college students who have no knowledge in programming technologies.

Project NameSchool Management
Developer NameVetrivel Pandian
Unique FeatureManage entire data
EditorVS Code
Any Doubts ?[email protected]

Above details are helps to find out the technology and in the next section see about source code and live demo section.

Moreover School management system software simply helps to build project such as Banking details, personal information, exam marks, rank, SEO, fastest performance etc.

School Management Software Python Features

A lot of common features are available on this projects. However it’s matched for most common software system but in some place we implement unique feature and completely change the user interfaces. PHP is a best programming languages which is best web technology for develop web applications.

  1. Manage Students Mark
  2. Attendance Management
  3. Marks Send from Parents
  4. Online Exam (weekly once)
  5. Results publishing
  6. Manage faculties Info
  7. Overall report for both of Staff’s and Faculties.

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Live Demo

Check the below output file after that take decision which is best for your requirements. It’s material design so surely peoples are like this application. Because it’s easy to access and user friendly navigation.

school management software python
school management python login

How to Run ?

Just check below image for read the installation instructions. That’s very easy so you can easily check out the solutions. Suppose if you are facing any struggle in database connection feel free to contact us.

school manamgement software using python program

Source Code

Click below button to get the full source code of School management software Python. Through the framework we are getting so many features like Django and Flask plugin. Here we are using web technology language such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

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