Affiliate Marketing Course Tamil

Affiliate Marketing Course Tamil helps to earn passive income from home. Nowadays most of peoples are making money via online without any investments. Because these days we have plenty of options for generate money when we are in sleep mode.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way for earn money online. But for that we need to learn some things. Then only we able to generate dollars money from home or anywhere. Most of bloggers are earn lakhs of money via Affiliate marketing. Even they are don’t care about Google AdSense & only target affiliate marketing concepts.

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Affiliate Marketing or Google AdSense ? Which is Better ?

In my personal opinion both is best for making money online. So you can use both on your website or blog. For my blog I have use both service and generate money from Adsense and affiliate commissions. However some top bloggers are ignore google adsense and only focus on Affilate marketing.

The reason is through the affiliate marketing we earn lot of money based on the referral system on every month unlike adsense. That’s why they are avoid adsense & focusing on digital marketing.

Initially they are target newbie who have no knowledge in the particular domain. Currently you are also in the same category.

Affiliate Marketing Course Tamil

Actually I have 5 plus years experience in software domain. And last year I learn about affiliate marketing concept for how promote our products or service. Now I have full fledged knowledge on the particular industry.

So I plan to conduct course in Tamil Language. Because most of Tamil peoples are looking for affiliate marketing course tamil but it’s only available on English language. So I plan to build course in Tamil Language for making better knowledge in this technology.

Course Syllabus ( 80 percentage practical & 20 theory)

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing & Why Everyone use
  2. How promote our affiliate links
  3. How Make Money
  4. Build Website
  5. Best Affiliate Marketing Products & Services
  6. Highest Commission companies
  7. Clear General Doubts

I Earn Money via below Affiliate Marketing Program

Here I explain some program only where I generate money via referral marketing strategy.

  1. Hostinger
  2. ShareASale
  3. Ezoic
  4. Semrush

More programs are revealed during the course period time.

affiliate marketing course tamil
Source – Semrush

ShareASale is one of the best affiliate marketing networks for generate lakhs of money via just referral concepts. For that we don’t need any requirements like website.


The Affiliate Marketing Course Tamil Duration is 30 days (1 hour per day).


Through the Google Meet we conduct the affiliate marketing course tamil classes.

Course Fee

The course fee Rs.2,000 per month. You can extend the course if you are like to get strong knowledge on affiliate marketing concept.

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