Blogging Course Tamil

Blogging Course Tamil is very useful for college students who are looking for online earnings. Because these days we have plenty of opportunities to make money online. But for that we need strong or medium knowledge on the particular domain. Then only able to making money via posting articles, selling course, spread news and more ways.

In this course I covered complete solution and problem in WordPress. End of the course you are the master in WordPress technology.

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Topics I Covered

For example in below I have add some of topics which is covered on our WordPress Course Tamil.

  1. What is WordPress & Why we are using WordPress
  2. WordPress Advantages
  3. How Make Money via WordPress
  4. How Buy Domain & Hosting (Website/Blog)
  5. WordPress SEO
  6. What is Cache & Why
  7. Theme & Plugin Setup
  8. Widgets & General Tabs
  9. Common Problem which is raised on during development
  10. How handle WordPress issues

So finally you are able to create own website or blog for your clients. I have 5 plus years experience in Software industry so you can ask me any doubts related to software services.

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Blogging Course Tamil

I will conduct the course in online mode. So I will guide you through the Zoom or Android Application. I am 28 years old and in the initial time me also facing lot of problem during the period of studying MCA in the year of 2016. So my class maximum user friendly & you can ask any doubts without any hesitation.

blogging course tamil
Source – WordPress

We are using WordPress platform to develop the blogs & websites. So in this course also we are explain about full of WordPress.

Course Fee

The Blogging Course Tamil Fee Rs.1000 only & the duration is 30 days. (1 hour per day).

How Join Blogging Course Tamil

Just WhatsaApp me on +91 8778675947.

About Me

You can know about via above mentioned YouTube Channel pr Visit My VetBossel Blog.

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