Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Best WordPress Cache Plugins are explained in this series. You know one thing without cache plugin our website performance is very slow. So here I recommend list of best Cache plugins with my own experience and some genuine developers reviews.

Most of developers and college students have no awareness about cache plugin so they are not installing this application on website or blog. But Cache plugin is mandatory for run the perfect and high speed sites.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

There are two options are there like Free & Premium. If you are financially good then go for premium plugin otherwise continue with free features. Most of readers and beginners have this questions like which is the Best WordPress Cache Plugins.

  1. WP Rocket
  2. WP Fastest Cache
  3. LiteSpeed
  4. WP Super Cache
wp rocket best cache plugin wordpress
Source – WP Rocket

Actually still I am using above cache plugins for my own blog & client websites. Therefore here I give review about only those 4 plugins. Still a number of cache plugins are available on WordPress. However I recommend those plugins which is mentioned in above section.

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the Number One Best WordPress Cache plugins for increase your website page loading speed performance. Moreover it clear Google Core Web Vitals errors. A lot of benefits are there when you are activate the WP Rocket plugin on your blog. Till date (June, 2022) 2,500,000 users are buy the WP Rocket plugin. But it’s only available on their official websites and not showing on WordPress plugin list.

wp rocket plugin feature
Source – WP Rocket

For example I showing my another blog results where I am activate the WP Rocket plugin. I am using GTmetrix for find out the website performance.

wp rocket gtmetrix performance
Source – GTmetrix

But it’s not for free, available on premium version. Therefore you have to pay $49 for single website. Just check below image for pricing details.

wp rocket price
Source – WP Rocket

WP Rocket Price

  1. One Websites – $49 per Year
  2. Three Websites – $99 per Year
  3. Unlimited Websites – $249 per Year

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How Buy WP Rocket

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2. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest also one of the Best WordPress Cache Plugins. Millions of users are still using the WP Fastest Cache plugin through this you can optimize the images & database tables, minify the CSS & JavaScript file, increase performance and more.

Free & Premium options are available.

wp fastest cache comparison
Source – WP Fastest Cache

3. LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed cache has 3 million plus active users. In this blog I am using LiteSpeed plugin. If you have have good technical skill then go for this plugin. Because it’s not a user friendly navigation. But it’s one of the best WordPress Cache plugin. I strongly Recommend to use this plugin for your blog or websites.


litespeed cache plugin features
Source – LiteSpeed

4. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is very user friendly and everyone easily able to access this plugin without any technical knowledge. So most of developers are recommend this plugins as a Best WordPress Cache Plugins category.

Through the single page we do the all of necessary steps.


I hope now you get clear idea about best WordPress cache plugins and which is the best plugin for our blog or sites. Above comparisons are surely confuse you to select the best plugins. So here I strongly suggest & recommend to use WP Rocket plugin. 95 plus developers are support this plugin because it’s help to improve our site SEO ranks and performance.

Finally the Winner of Best WordPress Cache Plugins – WP Rocket

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