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Best WordPress Plugins – Here I will show the list of top and best WordPress Plugins for bloggers, e-commerce online shopping sites, news channel, affiliate marketers etc. In the initial time some new blog owners have no idea in site development works. So they are try all of recommended plugin which is referred by WordPress teams.

Me also that category in beginning time when start new blog/website. That’s why here I make this article for help peoples who are in beginner level. After reading this article surely you are feel and think like it’s better to read on forever. So just follow my below steps to become a expert on WordPress.

Another one major face is most of top bloggers are recommend worst plugin for their own purpose. The purpose is they are make money via refer us.

For example referrals are,

  1. Web Hosting Plan
  2. Premium Plugin
  3. Paid SEO Service
  4. E-Books
  5. Affiliate Marketing Course

These are most common tricks and top blog owner earn lot of money via affiliate marketing concept. They are target beginners who have no knowledge on WordPress domain.

When You read articles, Never Click & Go for any External Link Websites to buy the products or services. When you do this, the website owners are make money via your clicks.

Vetrivel Pandian (Founder of VetBosSel)

The concept is affiliate marketing. A lot of bloggers are earn laks and crores of money via this concept. As a result users plan rate is increased and we pay money for those affiliate earners.

My suggestion is stop affiliate marketing & reduce the hosting prices. Because most technology peoples are earn lakhs money from site visitors.

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Best WordPress Plugins

Okay let’s see the list of most popular and high ranking trusted WordPress plugins. Here I mention only good rating and review plugins. If you have any doubts are suggestion contact me on more further clarification. We covered maximum of top category concepts like SEO, Cache, Security, Forms, Page Builder, Image Optimization etc.

best wordpress plugins wp rocket
  1. Yoast or Rank Math (SEO)
    • Both are best and most trusted SEO Plugin which is used list out your contents from major search engines.
  2. LiteSpeed or WP Fastest (Cache)
    • This is cache plugin used for optimized the contents. Suppose if you are financially well then go for premium plugin of WP Rocket. Because it’s more popular & worth for money.
  3. Elementor
    • Elementor is one of the best WordPress plugins and used for build the attractive websites/blog.
  4. Smush
    • It’s used for reduce the image file size and help to optimize images. And also it enable lazy loading feature for images.
  5. WooCommerce
    • Woocommerce plugin help to add and sell the products. It’s like similar of online shopping site of Amazon, Flipkart etc.
best wordpress plugins 2022

Don’t Install Lot of Plugin

I think above best WordPress plugins enough for maintaining a high performance blog. Because when we use ore plugins it’s affect the site loading speed and SEO score. Therefore my personal suggestion is maximum try to avoid plugin. Above 5 plugins are very essential for all website, so did not ignore these plugin.

However most of creators are activating lot of plugins and that’s completely affect our site performance. First check on your site performance from GTmetrix, after that you can able to saw your website ranks and also show the mistakes. These are 5 best WordPress plugins so it’s enough maintain your contents.

My Website GTmetrix result

gtmetrix result diyaact


I hope above Best WordPress Plugins steps are helps to go on next level. Don’t trust someone content because some bloggers are share information without testing the particular things. So first analyze and read 0 plus articles and videos then only taking actions.

Because everyone told different type of answers for common problem. When you read more articles you getting valid issue and that’s give clear results.

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