Domain Hosting Setup

Domain Hosting Setup helps to build new website or blog. These days we have lot of opportunities and offers for achieve something on our life. But some students and personalities have no much knowledge in technology fields. So they are looking for external resources for clear their doubts.

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In below I give the complete tutorial for how buy the domain and hosting from hosting providers. Overall 45 percentage websites are built via WordPress. Because WordPress have lot of features and no technical knowledge required to develop the website or blog. The complete Domain Hosting Setup explained in below section.

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Source – WordPress

WordPress is recommended CMS for develop your website/blog. It has lot of features.

That’s why most of peoples are create their own website with online documentation. Because lot of tutorials and videos available on YouTube platform. However in the initial days it will be hard to find out clear results.

Domain Hosting Setup

I have 5 plus years experience in software domain and am the admin of VetBosSel blog which was created in 2016. So I know how to setup your blog/website with high level performance and security. Most of peoples have no knowledge when select the hosting plan.

Domain is no problem you can buy anywhere but hosting is very important. Because it only decide our website speed performance. When our website loading speed, then we able to get more traffic on Google Results.

Most bloggers are think like which hosting plan is best for me and how increase the SEO and performance. I strongly recommend Hostinger providers.

Where to Buy Domain & Hosting ?

Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers across this world. Still no one able to beat their services. The reason is they are proving user friendly navigation, easy to use, low cost & high performance, lot of features and more benefits are available. Domain hosting Setup packages are available with 20 percentage offer when bought via my referral link.

So you can start your work via hostinger. most of developers & bloggers are highly recommend this hosting providers. Once if you are using then you also starts to recommend your friends. Domain Hosting Setup full procedures are steps by step explained here.

How to Buy (20% Offer)

Hostinger give free domain when you are choosing one year hosting plan. So move on one year plan to get more offers and decrease the price.

When you buy via my referral link you get 20 percentage offer. So in below I give my hostinger link for buy the hosting package. If you have any doubts regarding this, just WhatsApp me (+91 8778675947) thi number.

Still you have any doubts in Hostinger company ? Then once read the reviews in Google, after that you are realize hostinger is the best service providers. Domain Hosting setup is not a easy task so go I hope this article helps to select your hosting package.

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Source – Hostinger
  1. Easy to Use
  2. Powerful Performance
  3. Increase SEO
  4. User Friendly
  5. Clean & material user dashboard
  6. 24/7 online support
  7. Cloudflare Enabled
  8. Increase website loading speed
  9. 95 percentage plus performance on GTmetrix.

Which Plan Should I Select

Now if you are in starting stage so select the basic web hosting plan (Singe Web Hosing). In this you able to get free .com domain, cloudflare, Free SSL and more features are available.

Domain Hosting Setup – Still Any Doubts ?

If you are beginner in this field ? Just taking our one month course and the fee is just Rs.1000 only.End of the course you are learn everything about this domain. we covered most of major things and then you are easily able to access and making money via your site.

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