WordPress Course Tamil

WordPress Course Tamil helps to how build static & dynamic websites. Nowadays most of developers are using WordPress for develop their websites or blog. Because it has lot of features and benefits. Once upon a time we are spending minimum three days for create website. But now everything was changed and within a one hour we able to develop any type of sites.

For example you can create E-commerce sites, food delivery website, job portal, business related pages ans more. The major advantage is time and cost saving & we don’t need any technical knowledge. Because it’s fully drag and drop methods.

Therefore no coding skills are required to maintain WordPress technology. WordPress change most of things across world.

wordpress course tamil
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Course Duration

The WordPress Course Tamil duration is 30 days (1 hour per day). You can also able to extend the course based on your own requirements.


Through the Google Meet We conduct the online classes.

Course Fee

WordPress Course Tamil Fee is Rs.1500 per month.

Syllabus (80 percentage Practical 20 percentage Theory)

We covered below things on during the course. After completing the course you are a master in WordPress technology.

  1. What is WordPress & Why we use
  2. How buy domain & hosting
  3. Theme & Plugin Guide
  4. SEO (We cover only 40 percentage) For accessing full knowledge in SEO ? Then enroll the SEO Course in Tamil.
  5. Build Static & Dynamic Webiste
  6. Create your own Shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon.
  7. You can clear common queries and doubts related to technologies.
  8. How make money via WordPress

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