Search Bar with Suggestions JavaScript

Search Bar with Suggestions JavaScript – Here you can learn how to create search box with list of suggestions using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This concept working on various places like E-commerce WordPress site to search the products, post, page or anything.

Suppose if you have blog or website and need to search navigation bar ? You can use this code to develop autocomplete search engine bar.

Nowadays most of peoples are using WordPress for build their website because it’s very easy to develop within a hours. But the manual creation take more time for develop webpages. If you are create manual website then easily build the code with your projects.

Otherwise you have to manually insert the code via the plugins or with help of cPanel directory.

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Project NameSearch Bar JavaScript
Developer NameAditya Raj
Front-EndHTML CSS & JS
FeaturesAuto Suggestions
Any Doubts ?[email protected]

Above details are helps to understand the overall project structure and in the upcoming section you can check the live demo system. Here we develop client side data suggestion search facility suppose if you need to search products from server then need to integrate database. For that we need to write code using PHP & MySQL or with the help Firebase get data from server.

Live Demo

Check the live demo of Search Bar with suggestions JavaScript project. Without search bar no websites/blog are active so every site need this option for getting exact results. When we did not get corresponding results, that time we may use search box features.


Output files who not check on live demo features. Through the output files you can check the exact output results of Search Bar with Suggestions JavaScript.

search bar javascript
search bar with suggestions javascript
search bar javascript project

Source Code

Click below button to download the entire source code of search bar with suggestions JavaScript code. We have collection of JavaScript project with source code and live demo facilities. Therefore check live demo and if you like then get source code and test on your device.

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